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Concurrent Coding

From your own IDE or terminal of choice

Leave large merge conflicts in the past.
Stay connected to your team without compromising on your development tools.

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Share your Terminal

With multiple cursors in numerous panes

Get a shareable URL to your existing terminal session.
Collaborate with others using any terminal or browser.
See them typing in real time without fighting over the cursor.


Synchronize your editors

Collaborate with your team

Work on features together.
Divvy up work rather than separating teammates in silos.
Free your collaboration from your version control.

Logo of Zellij project

Powered by Zellij

The Open-Source Terminal Workspace

Devsession is created by the team behind Zellij,
and is proud to be the first application using it
as an application development infrastructure.


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    Meet the Team

    Picture of Aram Drevekenin

    Aram Drevekenin

    Founder and C[E|T]O of Devsession

    Website | GitHub | Twitter

    Experienced software developer, blogger and open source advocate. Has over 15 years of industry experience. Started several popular open source projects including bandwhich, diskonaut and Zellij.

    Picture of Ramón Huidobro

    Ramón Huidobro

    Director of Developer Relations

    Website | GitHub | Twitter

    Software engineer with over 10 years experience. Public speaker. Community member. Developer educator. Live streamer.